The summer season in Texas involves temperatures well above 80 degrees. When the blistering heat rolls into the Lufkin area, it's crucial to have a functioning air conditioner not only in your home but also in your car. Taking the time to inspect your air conditioner beforehand makes a huge difference during the summer. At the Ford service department, our factory-trained technicians will service and repair your car's air conditioner. Having a fully-functional A/C system is what keeps you cool when traveling between the areas of Lufkin and Crockett, TX.

How to Book Air Conditioner Service Near Diboll

At Al Meyer Ford, serving Diboll, we strive to deliver top-tier automotive service to all Texas customers. Our seasoned service staff covers a variety of auto repairs. At our Lufkin-based repair facility, we have cutting-edge tools to repair the in-unit A/C system on your Ford Escape or Ford Fusion. You can schedule air conditioner service online from wherever you live near Jasper, TX.

If you recently used your A/C system and didn't feel cold air radiating from your vents, contact Al Meyer Ford. You can bring your Ford Explorer or Ford F-150 to your Lufkin Ford dealership to have your cooling system examined by one of our highly-qualified Ford mechanics. We'll diagnose the issue and repair your air conditioner in time for 80-degree temperatures. If your Ford Expedition could also use a tire rotation or oil change, we can add those car repairs to your onsite visit in Lufkin, TX.

Repair Your A/C System Before Hot Weather Comes

No one wants to drive around in a hot, stuffy car during the Texas summer. If you have a malfunctioning air conditioner in your Ford Edge, don't wait for the temperatures to rise. Get online and submit a service request to Al Meyer Ford near Nacogdoches. You can trust that we'll restore your A/C system to peak performance in time for your summertime trips to the zoo, beach, and theme park. Schedule air conditioner service at your Lufkin Ford dealership today.

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